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I have visited Iceland couple of times and every single time I visit it has been breathtaking. Even though it rains, it is windy, it is cold, moist and the roads are filled with sheep, but it is spectacular. When the sun does shine it makes the experience even more pleasant. The waterfalls, the scenery, mountains and the fresh air - it feels like you are part of a fairytale, when you drive around the landscape.

Iceland: Welcome
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Once out in Iceland, there is a great way to get a car near the airport. It was considered that it might be too time-consuming to tour the entire Route 1, so instead drove through Southern Iceland up to Vatnajökull National Park and all the way back the same way, but on the way back made the Golden Circle - visited the Secret Lagoon and the Geyser before heading back to Reykjavik.


While visiting Iceland I stopped and visited Hali's Country Hotel - the backyard had some sheep, you can sleep, enjoy, look at distance on the shore, have some delicious food and enjoy the different paintings on the wall in the restaurant. 

I also stopped near Skógafoss and slept at this homestay styled accomodation called Skógar Guesthouse. This guesthouse was warm, welcoming and I enjoyed the fact we had our breakfast in the downstair's kitchen and got to meet other guests. We talked about cultural differencies, vikings and the Nordic nature. Also the distance to the waterfall is remotely close - just a 10-minute walk or so.

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You will find sheep - there are literally sheep everywhere. On the side of the road, on the pavement, on the backyard, on the porch - you name it. They are cute, they make sounds and they do not jump under your car.


Everyone feels blue sometimes, but taking a moment in Iceland - looking at the seals, listening to the sounds of nature. Looking at the icebergs, walking around on the glaciers.

There is a lot to take in, a lot to enjoy - even if you feel blue and gloomy, it was an uplifting experience for me. Renting a car is a great way to get around in Iceland and drive the main route is remotely easy - the road in narrow, the sheep are there, but rarely they walk in front of your car - they are not suicidal.

Iceland - Roadtrip - Horses.jpg


While driving around you will see other amazing stops to pull over. There can be a lots of green, some horses, some quirky houses, idyllic cities, signs for Puffin-tours and oddly-shaped rocks on the side of the road. When you pull over you need to beware that there can be traffic - watch out, when you park that you would not block the others.


The waterfalls - there are also plenty of them when you drive around and circle the landscape. On your way, when going the Southern Iceland along the Route 1, you will stumble upon Seljalandsfoss, which is beautiful. But beware! You will get wet - bring your waterjacket or then do not be minded by getting wet.

It takes some driving to get to Gullfoss, but it is massive. It has a great platform to view the waterfall, you can take great photos and just watch the nature in action. Skôgafoss is also a great attraction and on the way in Route 1 - there is couple of places to stay, a place to eat and the breathtaking view once you get up on top of the waterfall.

Be careful and watch your step. Waterfalls - the breathtaking art of nature.

Iceland - Waterfall - Skogafoss.jpg
Iceland - Enjoy!


Peace and love. In Iceland you can feel that you can breathe freely. I have visited the country in August and in May. I should definitely visit it also during winter and walk on the glaciers. Rent a car, throw your backpack, tent and a sleeping bag on the backseat and enjoy the road.

Iceland: Features

"The beginning is the most important part of the work"


Iceland: Quote


Feel the breeze - absorb. Inhale and Exhale.

Enjoy the road in Iceland
My feet were made for walking
On Route 1 in Iceland
Heading to neverneverland
Blue, all so blue
Jökulsárlón, Glacier
Roadtripping in Iceland
The Sheep in Hali
Horses on the meadow, Iceland
Meanwhile in Iceland
Roadtripping in a national park
Roadtrip between the mountains
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I've been twice in Iceland and during both times it has been raining. Pack a raincoat, some good boots and a good spirit. It is as awesome, when it rains as it shines.


There is the Blue Lagoon and then there is a Secret Lagoon, not too far away from the capital. If you have time, go and visit the Secret one. No fancy slippers, but idyllic.


Do not believe everything you see on the web posted by a company. Some pictures might be old - read the testimonials to get a good insight about your destination.

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