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Herniated disc medicine and feeling

It is a Sunday, I wake up at 2AM and there is a cat sleeping next to me. Bobbis, Bobbis looks at me and goes to the kitchen: food, there ought to be food as I am up. Nevertheless, it takes me roughly ten minutes to get to the kitchen.

Herniated disc, my medicine and the feelings

I have a herniated disc, rupture of the disc in my back and it is not good. I cannot feel my legs properly, there is a feel tingle everywhere below my naval area. My calves have the uttermost crucial pain with every step I take. Every turn I take hurts. When I want to move and turn around I need to do is slowly and with a lot of corners - my walking is stiff, slow and painful.

Standing is a lot harder than it looks. Walking is a lot more painful than it seems. Sitting is almost unbearable.

The pain medicine I was prescribed in Germany include Tilidin Retard 50/4mg, Ortoton Recordati 750mg, Fortecortin 8mg to Arcoxia 120mg, Novaminsulfol 500mg, Pantoprazol 40mg and Magnesium Verla 400mg. I have also made to drink electrolytes and aiming to drink a lot of water.

What is Tilidin? (4 x 1 tablet per day)

- Synthetic opioid painkiller, which I take several times a day (4x). It is a prodrug with a weak opioid effect and the actual active substance is nortilidine.

What is Ortoton? (1 tablet per day)

- Muscle relaxant and used for muscle spasms/pain. It is usually used along with rest, physical therapy and it should relax the muscle.

What is Fortecortin & Arcoxia?

- Anti-inflammatory drug Fortecortin (inc. Dexamethasone) was prescribed for the first days and as of 30th of October Fortecortin needs to be switched to Arcoxia.

- Anti-inflammatory drug Arcoxia (inc. Etoricoxib) helps to reduce the pain and swelling (inflammation) in the joints and muscles.

I am not sure why I was described Fortecortin and why I need to substitute with Arcoxia. Probably as they have the different active ingredients and other works better for actue pain if not mistaken, but yet again - I am no doctor and these drugs prescribed to be are drugs I am not familiar with. Also the dosage described was different as Fortecortin was designed to take three times a day and Arcoxia just once.

What is Novaminsulfol 500mg? (4 x 2 tablets per day)

- Treating pain of different origins. I might say this seems like an usual painkiller, but then as I read the side effects I am also anxious as I am with all the other drugs.

What is Pantoprazol?

- Pantoprazol helps my digestive system to deal with the prescribed medicine, the medicine to lower stomach acid.

What is Magnesium Verla?

- It is food supplement for magnesium, but I have no idea why this supplements was prescribed to me.

The pain I have with all these drugs is still there and...

  • I am not okay, alles ist nicht gute

  • I am so sick of the pain

  • I am not sick of not being able to get around

  • I hate that my body is not doing what I want it to do

  • I hate ate having to put in the effort like an pro athlete just to get up from a sofa

My feet are cold, they are stingy, I do not know if this is normal - I think it might be normal. I have been in the ER this week to make sure there is no clotting - the pulled blood from me showed all is normal. I was particularly happy to see my hemoglobin was 135g/l and CRP, C-reactive protein test, below 5, which indicates there is low to none inflammation in the body.

A herniated disc: disc rupture is severely impacting the movement of me. If a surgery would be a conducted the surgeon can remove just the protruding portion of the disc, the entire disc does not need to be removed.

I walked just a little over 3 kilometers on a Saturday - made a walk to the pharmacy nearby and back. It took roughly two (2) hours to make the 600m walk to fetch the new medicine and to walk back.

I sneezed - it felt like someone would be lighting fire under my tailbone making my entire glutes and hamstrings to light up, be tingly -- the feeling I have in my hamstrings is like water boiling on a slow temperature, not over the pot, but just until the lid. I feel very heavy, my legs feel they weigh more than I can carry. I want to say I feel like I am hundred tons heavy, but I would not know, how this feels. However, my body feels too heavy for me to carry it around. I do not feel doing anything else than just being on a couch, although it does not give me comfort as it hurts my tailbone, my legs are restless, my hamstrings twitch.

When a nerve is compressed in the spine or irritated somehow, it can cause symptoms like I have such as pain, unmbness, restless leg syndrome (RLS) and some others.

I know what are the symptoms to look for in order to call the doctor immediately.

The emotions I have over this are overwhelming and I feel I am not properly equipped at the moment to handle my fear. I can handle a lot in the moment but my fear of what might happen is crippling me by making me sad, angry and feeling lost.

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